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About Our Team 

What we are most excited about!

We are a broker!  That means we get to shop for competitive rates and programs for you! We have over 50 lenders to shop for whatever fits your needs best!  There is no one size fits all in lending.  Everyone's story is unique, everyone's goals are different, everyone deserves a custom built mortgage.  We get to provide that!


We are built by referrals!  What you think and how satisfied you are is of paramount importance to us.  Over 99% of our clients came from a referral or repeat business.  We literally exist because of you and are empowered by exceeding expectations.  


We work Real People Hours!  Life does not happen on Banker's hours.  It happens on evenings, weekends, early mornings, in slippers, business suits, pajamas, and workout clothes.  Whatever, wherever, whenever.  We are here when you need us.  Never hesitate to reach out and never feel like you have to change out of your pajamas.  Zoom, Text, Phone, Email, Facebook, whatever communication mode is best for you, is best for us.  


Dock Street Mortgage Team is led by Becky Thompson.  Becky has over 20 years’ experience working in the Finance Industry.  She's won countless awards and been a part of too many dream home stories to count!  If there is a way, she will find it!  Becky has built a team of professionals who share the same drive and passion to support our clients!  We could go on and on about us but we would rather let our clients speak for themselves.  Please follow below to hear what they think and what you can expect from the Dock Street Mortgage Team! 

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Our Team

James P. 

I visited Becky to explore buying a first home in Tacoma. Three things became clear very quickly. Becky enjoys her work. Becky is very good at her work. And unfortunately I wouldn't qualify for a loan quite yet because of a recent employment change.Nonetheless, Becky spent a couple hours answering all the questions my girlfriend and I could come up with, plus teaching us important things we didn't know to ask about. Our follow-up questions were met with her enthusiasm and thorough answers.Thanks to Becky I'll make better decisions when the time does come to buy a house. And I'll definitely be getting a loan through her.
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